Cenizo Journal Winter 2021 | Page 15

CHARLES HENRY TROST MEMORIAL AWARD “ The view of the Christmas and Chisos Mountains as seen from Texas Hwy 118 , 35 miles North of Terlingua , TX ” - Tim McKenna - “ The color variety of the mountains , with the shadows interrupting , is stunning . And overhanging clouds at the top of the photo and the foreground prairie finish off this great photo . I wish I had been there to see that scene live with the photographer .”
Sisters Summer Sunset - Adayna Garcia “ Just a creative , fun photo . The silhouette of the gymnast doing the splits with the hair flying straight up , and the colorful spectrum of clouds in the background combine for a well-imagined photo .”
Summer Thunderstorm in Alpine - Dave Hensley “ Lots of energy in the stormy sky and the prairie in the foreground create a stunning photo .”
Cenizo Winter 2021