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fashioned grape stomp at harvest time , along with hard work , the test of time , and a sensitive palette for when the wine is just right . To satisfy the sweeter cravings of many Texans , they added a sweet wine , although not overbearingly sweet , to the lineup of red blends and a white .
For Adam , the fun is in making sure the vines produce the best possible fruit . That ’ s
where he believes the true challenge and art lies . He keeps a close watch , spending much of the year in the field , paying attention to the specifics of each variety ’ s response to weather and other growth factors . He believes even the plants growing adjacent to the vines have an impact on the terroir , a wine term for the total environmental context within which grapes are grown and which impacts the final flavor .
And so , the surroundings of Chateau Wright are part of the total effect . There ’ s something decidedly Old World about that , too . There ’ s a large , ambling organic garden , filled with squash , melons , strawberries , greens , and more during the temperate seasons , tended by Adam ’ s father , a recent transplant from Italy , who now lives full time on the premises .
There ’ s the earnest buildout , still in progress , of an ever-expanding cellar , a living space for workers , volunteers and friends , plus a two-story lodging facility that ’ s nearly finished . All of that is being built by hand with quality craftmanship by Adam and his crew .
There are the nightly family meals , prepared from scratch by Adam , shared by old friends and new ones , who are quickly enveloped into the fold .
Stars twinkle above in unpolluted night skies . The mountain air is fresh and crisp . And the wine is very , very good .
The newly opened winery offers outdoor patio seating , with grand uninterrupted views of the rolling foothills and craggy silhouettes of the Davis Mountains . Outdoor heaters keep things cozy on cooler days and evenings . Friendly , professional service makes the short drive from town doubly worth it . And a food truck , dubbed Too Hot For TABC , offers simple dishes using made-from-scratch bread ( made by Adam ). The menu features an apple , brie and fig jam grilled cheese sandwich , plus charcuterie boards and other specialties , making this a must stop on any visitors list . It ’ s become such a hit with locals that the winery will stay open through this winter , an unanticipated testament to their nascent success .
The vineyard still has a lot of growing to do , and to fill in any gaps , Adam sources grapes from another grower in the Davis Mountains , as well as from a vineyard he owns in Medina . Any grapes not sourced from the bounds of Chateau Wright still come from Texas , making this a true made in Texas product . The grapes used in each vintage , and their origins , are listed on each bottle . Integrity is present at every step of the process .
Wine is big business in Texas , with eight
Cenizo Winter 2021