Cenizo Journal Winter 2021 | Page 18


looking good , doing better - Leslie Mendoza “ There were several working ranch photos submitted . This one has the dust in the air , the cows and horses all doing what they do , and the cowboy in action . Art on the range .”
Alpine Deer - Michael Smeets “ The local deer are popular subjects for photographers here in Alpine . This photo looks like a posed portrait of one . The angle of the head , the light on the horns , and the framing of the face in the cedar and other vegetation make for a great pose of a handsome buck .”
Reflections - Kam Baeza “ Unique angle catches it all . West Texas windmill with the carmine sky reflecting off the fancy west Texas truck . I have taken several photo reflections off vehicles , with little success . This photographer was very successful .”
West Texas Skies - Shelby Cox “ The night skies around Alpine make for some striking starlite photos . There were a lot submitted in the contest . The romance makes this one stand out for me .”

18 Cenizo Winter 2021