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Cenizo Journal Contributors Summer 2023 • Volume 14 , Issue 3

Maribil Burton shares her late father ’ s love of the Big Bend region . She offers a poetic tribute to him and remembers his publication in these pages over a decade ago . Email : maribilburton @ yahoo . com
Judy Eron splits her time between the ocean in Washington state and the remote mountain desert outside Big Bend National Park in Texas , where she and her partner Charlie enjoy off-the-grid living in a house she helped to build . Summers , Judy is rhythm guitarist and songwriter for country band Double J and the Boys . She is the author of What Goes Up : Surviving the Manic Episode of a Loved One . Email : judyeron @ yahoo . com
Danielle Gallo is a writer who is proud to be the editor-in-chief of the Cenizo Journal . She came to the area in 2002 and currently lives in Marathon with her family . Email : editor @ cenizojournal . com
Dr . Brian Harding , Ph . D is a professor of Philosophy in the Department of Psychology and Philosophy , Texas Women ’ s University . The current President of the Southwest Society of the Mind , he savors his visits to the
Big Bend and Trans-Pecos region , and he encourages interested parties to participate in the Society ’ s annual conference . Email : BHarding @ TWU . edu
Shannon King was born and raised in Texas . Shannon has lived in central Texas for the past 31 years . In 2014 , she discovered the west and our beautiful Chihuahuan desert and knew immediately this was where she was meant to be . Finally , this March , she is at home . A horse lover , Shannon has slowly built a following by riding and camping all over Texas and southern New Mexico , while telling her stories as a woman traveling alone . She hopes to inspire other women to pursue their dreams and feel confident in doing so . Read more at www . facebook . com / ConfessionsofaSaddleTram p or visit www . confessionsofasaddletramp . com .
James Moore is a New York Times bestselling author of four books on presidential politics , two non-fiction narratives , a sci-fi novel and a thriller . He is an Emmy-winning former TV news correspondent who was frequently named the
“ Best TV Reporter in Texas ” by the Associated Press , UPI , and the Texas Headliners ’ Foundation . He has worked as an on-air political analyst for MSNBC and has appeared on numerous network and cable news shows . Moore has been writing on Texas history , politics , and culture since the mid-70s , and publishes a weekly Substack newsletter online at “ Texas to the World .”
Stephanie Winston is originally from the Bronx , NY but now calls the Big Bend Region Home . She moved to the area in 2016 with her husband from Houston , Texas . Prior to moving out West she worked as an occupational therapist and used her culinary degree to help people to make healthy choices when eating . She enjoys writing about her family ’ s off grid homesteading lifestyle , making candles , teaching and spending time with her family and friends . Email : Thewinstonhomestead @ gmail . com

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Cenizo Summer 2023