Cenizo Journal Summer 2021 | Page 14


Photography is my meditation . The camera is my tool to document for educational purposes , for collecting memories , or for the pure joy of observing the world in a different way . Cameras are kept charged and ready , whether it is a simple phone or a compact camera or the workhorse of an SLR . You never know what you will come across in the Chihuahuan Desert , and it pays to be prepared . Excellent teachers and mentors have pushed me to tackle challenges , and I love to pass their expertise down to young ones in the area . Hand a camera to a youngster and watch the magic as they chronicle pretty flowers or crazy bugs or brilliant sunsets .
Millipede Shadow - Low morning light will cast impressive shadows that emphasize the array of patterns and multitude of paired legs of this creature .
Ocotillo over Chisos - Often mistaken for a cactus , this shrub puts out spindly , spiny branches . It adapts well to climate conditions and can go from bare branches to leaves and flowers in a short time period .

14 Cenizo Summer 2021