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Confessions of a Pre-Dawn Public Radio Announcer

Marfa Public Radio in the Beginning Circa 2008

By George Pitlik
Monday morning very early I awake before the alarm rattles at 5:05 AM . The Alpine Canine Early Warning System ensures early rising . Struggling in the dark to reach the coffee pot in the kitchen to fire up my hot beverage . Decaffeinated coffee ground the night before . Why decaf ? I have no reason or even a hint of a reason .
As the pot gurgles and drips its way to filling I locate suitable clothing , which is not difficult to do . Coordinated colors mean nothing to a radio announcer . Shoes ? Just make sure one is for the left and one for the right foot . A matching pair makes little difference . Or go shoeless : hey , it ’ s Marfa . The eight-finger hairbrush works wonders .
Click on CNN and mindlessly watch the energetic announcer report on the latest scandal . Newsworthy events are not popular , but entertainment is in vogue .
Seated on a stool in front of the blinking TV , I

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